Recognizing Accomplishments

Seventh annual Salute to Women Behind the Wheel: Drivers with 40 or more years driving:
Bonnie Berscheid, Goldie Seymour, Mary ‘Candy’ Bass, Heather Hogeland, and Marcy Johnson

Female drivers and business professionals are doing amazing things to be part of the economic engine that moves freight over the road. Part of the Women In Trucking Association's mission is to promote their accomplishments through these recognition programs:

  • The annual Salute to Women Behind the Wheel program honors and recognizes female commercial drivers for their efforts and successes as women in a male-dominated industry. Each year, the Women In Trucking Association holds events at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky to recognize women drivers in the United States; and at the Owner-Operator's Business Association of Canada (OBAC) to recognize women drivers in Canada.
  • The annual "Influential Woman In Trucking" Award provides annual recognition to a woman who provides leadership, creates change, and inspires others in the transportation industry.
  • The annual Distinguished Woman In Logistics Award was established to promote the achievements of women employed in the North American transportation industry. It highlights the vital roles of women in the dynamic and influential field of commercial transportation and logistics.
  • The Women In Trucking Foundation recognizes worthy individuals who demonstrate promise in their careers in the trucking industry.

Women In Trucking and Navistar presented the 2015 Influential Woman in Trucking award
to Kari Rihm (center), president and CEO of Rihm Kenworth. (Photo: Navistar)