Truck Stop Directory

The WIT Truck Stop Directory allows anyone to search for a specific truck stop by city and state or for a truck stop along a route. If a truck stop has been rated, you will see a star rating system. Many truck stops have not yet been rated, so members of Women In Trucking are asked to provide feedback.

Truck Stop

To rate a specific truck stop, log in with this temporary username (WIT123) and password (Redefining), and rate the truck stop from one to five (one being the lowest and five being the highest). When rating a truck stop, keep these factors in mind:

  • Safety (factors such as well-lit areas)
  • Food (variety, quality, speed of service)
  • Showers (availability, cleanliness, amenities)
  • Parking (ease of access, spaces, paved, security, fenced, availability)
  • Quality (an overall rating)

The truck stop you rated can easily be added to your list of favorites, which becomes your customized truck stop directory. This easy-to-use tool helps other drivers in making decisions about which truck stops to visit while traveling.

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