Introducing Engage

WIT has officially launched its free, member-only online community platform called Engage! The platform encourages mentoring, community and education by allowing members to virtually connect and collaborate through distinct community groups.

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WIT members can leverage Engage to:

  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Provide mentorship and gain advice
  • Discuss challenges and best practices
  • Post questions and access thought leaders
  • Build stronger peer relationships
  • Upload informational documents and resources
  • And much more! 

Core communities include:

  • Professional Drivers
  • Business Leaders in Trucking
  • Operations Professionals
  • HR/Talent Management Professionals
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Engage Open Forum

Members can join these communities freely depending upon their interests.

Not sure how to get started? Download our User Guide with step-by-step instructions

Get ready to Engage!

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