"WIT has been a tremendous asset to our program, students, and constituents. Our industry needs to build relationships, honor those who do the right thing, and continue to work toward a safer America."
- Robert Behuke, Truck Driving Programs, Fox Valley Technical College

“I joined WIT because I believe people should be judged by the content of their character, not the gender of their bodies or the color of their skin.”
- Carl Borleis, Truck Driving Instructor, Alexandria Technical & Community College

"I've been a driver for almost 20 years. Although it has improved for women during this time, there is still room for improvement! Thank God for an organization to support women."
- Mary J. Hornsby, Professional Driver

“We jumped at the chance to join because it was a fantastic opportunity to not only support our women drivers, but to also support a positive force in the transportation industry. We are fortunate to have many outstanding professional female drivers on our team and are glad to be able to contribute to the cause of getting more capable women out on the road!”
- Paige Selbo, H.O. Wolding, Inc.

“I joined because of its Vision to represent women in the trucking industry. By entering the transportation industry, women have the opportunity to earn financial stability while playing a crucial role in the success of the American economy.”
- Jessica Mollica, Delivery Driver Recruitment Manager, Food Services of America

“I joined for both the information and also the representation. It is important that we have an active organization in all parts of the industry!“
- Julie Matulle, Professional Driver, H.O. Wolding, Inc.

I find it helpful to connect to others in the industry. I appreciate the positive message WIT represents to the public. I look forward to many more years of learning from newbies, rookies, and veteran drivers.”
- Christine Arnold, Driver, Tyson Foods

 “I stopped at a place in Sioux Falls to fuel up. A lady driver was getting ready to leave the pumps. I stopped her and gave her the WIT card. When she looked at it, she said ‘OMG, I’ve been looking for this.’”
- Dick Pingel, Owner/Operator, Finally Trucking

 “I joined because of their commitment to diversity. Diverse backgrounds strengthen a team and open the door for innovation and productivity.”
- Heidi Weisenberger, Manager, Cherokee Truck Equipment, LLC