Top Woman-Owned Businesses in Transportation

WIT encourages more women to proactively become leaders in their organizations – and in some cases, to even start their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is a viable means of economic self-sufficiency and many women are choosing an enterprise connected to transportation to be part of their career aspirations. WIT’s official magazine, Redefining the Road, will feature in its edition 2 of 2020, a list of “Top Woman-Owned Businesses” in transportation. Criteria used to identify qualified applicants will include status as majority ownership by a woman, financial stability and growth, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of the woman owner. 

Here's how it works:
- Complete the Nomination Form (there is no fee to apply or nominate)
- Be prepared to confirm the enterprise has majority ownership/control by a woman and that the organization generates a minimum of U.S. $5 million in gross annual sales
- Recipients of 2020 Top Woman-Owned Businesses in Transportation will be selected following the nomination deadline
- Top Woman-Owned Businesses in Transportation will be published in the Redefining the Road magazine (Edition 2) in July and will be recognized during a special program at the 2020 Accelerate! Conference & Expo Sept. 24 in Dallas, Texas 
- While membership in the Women In Trucking Association isn't a requirement, nominated companies are highly encouraged to join WIT community. 
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Be prepared to Complete the Nomination Form with these fields:

  • Submitter Contact Information (Note: You must be authorized to make the nomination on behalf of the company)
  • Name of Company
  • Company Website
  • Brief Description of Company (no more than 50 words)
  • Year Founded
  • Total Number of Employees
  • Percentage of Women in the Company's Workforce
  • Total Annual Sales
  • Percentage of Year-Over-Year Growth in Annual Sales in Last Fiscal Year
  • Name of Primary Business Owner(s)
  • Name of Top-Ranking Woman/Title
  • Describe the Most Impressive Accomplishment of this Individual in the last 12-18 Months (no more than 75 words)
  • Describe an Impressive Achievement of this Entrepreneurial Enterprise in the last 12-18 months that promotes and/or capitalizes from the competitive advantages of gender diversity (no more than 75 words)

Nominations are now closed.