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January 23, 2019 at 1:00pm Central

Keeping Drivers Healthy and on the Road! Tips for Motor Carriers and Drivers.

This webinar is designed to help motor carriers and drivers deal with one of the most pressing issues facing the industry today. Driver health impacts many things. Poor health within a fleet will lead to greater problems with the driver shortage, a greater number of certification delays, and a lowered recruiting yield. There will be fewer driver to move freight, decreased revenues and greater expenses to boot. That said, by changing your approach to how you deal with health related issues a motor carrier can expect anywhere from 350 to 650 additional hours of service per 100 driver DOT exams based on ATRI, ATA and FMCSA statistics as well as the resultant increase in profits. Attend this webinar and learn the key tips to how to accomplish this.

Each attendee will leave the seminar with the following:

  1. Driver statistics, Health & Wellness
  2. Driver health and its impact on Motor Carriers and Drivers
  3. Tip #1, Change your perspective!  Use the DOT exam as a measure of your fleets health.
  4. Tip #2, Be proactive!  It goes beyond 3 months from the driver’s recert. examination!
  5. Tip #3, Manage both drivers and Medical Examiners!
  6. Tip #4, Keep it simple!  All this doesn’t have to be hard!
  7. Bonus tips…..how to deal with the top three health issues facing drivers…..hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea!
  8. What should your expectations be? 
    1. More hours of service to move freight within your existing fleet, increased revenues, and lowered expenses for Motor Carriers. 
    2. If you’re a driver, you will not be out of the cab due to better health and wellness, and you will be able to enjoy the other areas of life outside of work!
    3. Less Stress for all concerned!
    4. Questions and Answers

Presented by:

Dr. David Thorpe, President, Pass My Physical



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